October 2012 - Opening Meeting of the MBR features Uri Regev

The MBR's opening meeting on October 18th featured a high-level briefing and conversation with Uri Regev -- respected colleague, legal expert and friend --  who talked about the current matzav in Israel.
 Regev with Jaffe 
Uri Regev (seated) with Howard Jaffe, MBR Vice-President
"Examining a Pluralistic Israel" proved to be a challenging and forthright dialogue with Uri, internationally renowned advocate of religious liberty and the liberal movements of Judaism in his native Israel and around the world.   Regev currently serves as the President and CEO of a new educational and advocacy Israel-Diaspora partnership, “Freedom of Religion for Israel” and of its Israeli counterpart, “Hiddush – For Freedom of Religion and Equality.”
 Allan Lehmann 
Allan Lehmann, MBR President